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If you run a business, then you are likely going to deal with legal concerns at some point. Partner with a corporate lawyer near Corpus Christi, TX, to receive assistance with them. The Law Offices of Lance K. Bruun are here to help with a wide range of legal concerns, from contract creation to employment law. Get assistance from an experienced attorney with business organizations, real estate contracts, employment law, and other business-related matters.

Navigate the Legal System with Help from a Commercial Lawyer

Handling a Range of Concerns

There are a surprising amount of legal hurdles that business owners face. Contracts, for example, need to be written with care in order to be legally sound, and so you may wish to have a contract lawyer review everything. Other matters a lawyer might assist with include premises liability, breach of contract, real estate transactions, employment law, and business litigation. Partnering with a an experienced commercial lawyer can be incredibly beneficial, as they can provide you with the legal guidance to successfully run your business.

Trust a corporate lawyer to assist with:
  • Contract Creation and Negotiation
  • The Purchase and Sale of Businesses and Assets
  • Easements
  • Lending and Financial Concerns
  • Real Estate Contracts and Leases
  • Employment Law
  • Collection of Accounts and Debts
  • +More

Get Help with Business Law

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Don’t navigate the complicated field of business law alone; partner with a an experienced corporate lawyer who can provide you with advice and guidance. The Law Offices of Lance K. Bruun are here to provide assistance to clients near Corpus Christi, TX, and the surrounding areas. Lance is an experienced attorney who dedicates himself to assisting his clients. He has a thorough understanding of business law and will use that to assist with your situation. You can trust him to carefully examine your needs and provide you with knowledgeable aid; with his assistance, you can worry less about managing the legal aspects of your business. Consider calling today to receive more information.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Partner with an attorney who can help with any type of business dispute.

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Oil & Gas Attorney

Lance can help with a range of matters related to oil and gas law.

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General Business

Get assistance with easements, employment law, and other concerns.

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Probate Lawyer

Work with an attorney who can help with a range of probate matters.

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Political Matters

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