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Political Law Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Political matters are often complex and difficult to deal with. An experienced lawyer may be required to help you navigate the field of political law. The Law Offices of Lance K. Bruun are here to assist with matters related to political ethics, political party disputes, and other related concerns. Lance is prepared to provide service to clients near Corpus Christi, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Call him today for more information.

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Handling a Range of Political
Matters for Local Clients

Lance has over 45 years of legal experience and has handled a wide range of political matters. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable attorney that will work diligently to help with his clients’ needs.

Lance’s experience as a candidate for public office and a party activist has led to representation in the following matters:

  • Texas Election Code Matters: They put election codes in place in order to ensure that voting is done fairly. Violation of these codes—such as by fraudulently giving a voter registration certificate, intimidating a voter, or voting more than once in the same election—can result in severe penalties. Allow a qualified political attorney to assist with these matters.

  • Complaints Filed with the Texas Ethics Commission: The Texas Ethics Commission was founded to oversee ethics-related legal concerns and laws. Lance can assist with complaints that have been filed with the commission.

  • Redistricting Litigation: Redistricting is the process through which different districts are determined in a state. If not done fairly, however, disputes may arise. A political attorney can help resolve these disputes and fight to make sure that districts are created correctly.

  • Political Party Disputes: Members of political parties often struggle to get along, and that can cause potentially serious disputes. Lance can assist with legal matters related to these disagreements.

Work With a Lawyer Who Has
Extensive Political Experience

Lance has experience as both a candidate for public office (State Representative and Corpus Christi City Council), and as a political party activist (former member of the State Republican Executive Committee). His representation includes intra-party disputes and Election Code compliance. Much of his time in this area has been pro bono. When you need a lawyer to assist with political matters near Corpus Christi, Texas, then consider contacting The Law Offices of Lance K. Bruun. Call today for more information.